Skin Wars

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Skin Wars

Skin Wars is a system that pits skins against each other in a daily war from 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC.
Each skin has its own Skin Clan, and playing the game with a skin equipped makes the player part of that clan. Skin Clans can be switched during a war without impact.
During a war, each game won gives Victory Points (VP) to the Skin Clan of the winner and to the Player. (Player VP can be Converted to ROY)
Clans are ranked by total Victory Points and rewarded ROY based on their ranking. (See Leaderboard)
A pool of 33,000 initial ROY + taxes from mercenary payments (45k - 60k ROY in the end of day depending on merc payments) is given to skin owners at the end of each war, relative to each skin clan's ranking. (See Rewards)

Skin Wars Links

Victory Points (VP)

Victory points (VPs) are used by both players and skin clans. When a game is won, VPs are awarded to the winning player, and the skin clan of that player's equipped skin.
For players, VPs are points that can be converted to ROY, without any impact on skin wars. (See Rewards)
For Skin Clans, VPs are the score system that determine a clan's ranking on the leaderboard.

VP Formula

VPs are calculated with the following formula and variables:
(personal_multi * rng_multi * number_enemies * mode_multi * clan_multi * (Skinpower + 10))/4.2
VP example after a win

  • Live Multiplier (Skin Clan) : a dynamic multiplier based on the number of active skins that won a game in the last 16 minutes, after 8 minutes without a game being started they stop counting as active.
  • Skin Power (SP) : taken from the winning player's equipped skin (either owned or rented) (View Mercenaries)
  • Game Mode : equals 1x in ranked games, 3x in low stakes, 4x in high stakes and 5x in tournaments.
  • Enemies : The numbers of opponents at the start of the game.

Personal Multiplier Formula

(1 + ROY_held + skin_value_held)^0.125 + elo_levels*0.02 + planet_levels*0.02 + discord_conected*0.1

Each skin's value is determined by: 1000000/max_supply_of_skin

For example, if you hold 1000 ROY and 1 skin with a max supply of 2000, your personal multiplier will be:

(1000 + 1000000/2000)^0.125 = (1500)^0.125 = 2.5x

Skin Power (SP)

Skin Power (SP) is a property attached to every Skin, is used in the Victory Points calculation as a multiplier, and can be increased by playing games.

SP Formula

Skin Power (SP) formula as a graph

SP is increased by 2 values: Wins and Boosts.

  • Wins increases by 1 for every game won in ranked and staked game-modes.
  • Boosts increases by 0.33 when playing a low stakes game, and 0.4 when playing a high stakes game. Winning isn't needed to increase boosts.

You can also increase the Boost of skin by using skin discounts, each rarity gives the next values:
⚪ Common - 50 🟠 Uncommon - 170 🟢 Rare - 500 🟣 Epic - 1250 🟡 Legendary - 5000

Skin Power is calculated by:
round( pow( (wins + boosts) + 1, 1 /3 ) * 10 ) / 10

  • Online SP Calculator
    Use this link for the online SP calculator and know how many SP you are going to get by using skin discounts.


Skin Owner Rewards

The main prize pool of 45k - 60k ROY is given to Skin Clans relative to their ranking and VPs gained during the war. Each Skin Clan gives an equal share of its rewards to every skin in the clan. Skin owners are rewarded for every skin they own.

For example: a Skin Clan of 10 circulating skins is rewarded 100 ROY. Each unique skin is given 10 ROY. If an owner of the skin has 3 copies of it, they receive 30 ROY from that clan.

Daily Skin Owner Rewards Example
Skin Clan Roy / Skin Reward Copies of the Skin Owned ROY received
Skull 1 5 5
Button 0.05 10 0.5
Waffle2 30 1 30

Transaction page : Rewards Details

On the main transaction page, an entry named skin-wars-reward will be added around 00:00 UTC for the daily combined rewards.
For details, the button Skin Wars Breakdown will show all entries of ROY received from all Skin Clans

Example of a Skin Wars Breakdown entry, where % of Skin Supply is increased by Owned Skins, and represent the % of the Skin Clan reward got

VP Rewards

For every game won while using a Skin, Victory Points (VP) are also given to the player as a payment from the Skin Clan.

These personal Victory Points (VP) can be converted to ROY using either the button next to Victory Points (VP) below the game screen, or using the Convert button on the Skin Wars page.

The conversion ratio can change over time, so the player can choose between converting now, or waiting in case of a better ratio.

Example of convert button and VP to ROY ratio on the Skin Wars page

Renting and Mercenary system

Share button


The Renting system allows skin holders to share their skins with other players (Mercenaries). To Share a skin, use the Share button on any skin.
By Sharing a skin, the holder gains :

  1. Victory Points (VP) gained with their skins
  2. Skin Power (SP) increase with each win with their skins
  3. Possibility to affect Leaderboard by getting Skin Clan VP from renting
  4. 50% of skin boxes won by mercenaries will go to the skin owner's wallet instead


Mercenary Skin

The Mercenary system allows players with no skin, with low-VP/low-SP skins, or soldiers for hire, to participate in Skin Wars without investment.
To become a Mercenary , player have to equip the Mercenary Skin on the Skin page.
Once equipped, the player's skin will change after each death, and wins will use the skin owner Skin Clan , Skin Power, and Live Multiplier.
Note that when equipping the Mercenary skin, player needs to die to change their skin from Base to a rented skin.

Direct Renting/Lending

You can also direct rent/lend skins you own to other players in the community that you want, this funtion is only avaliable using Discord, to use this feature you have to write the command !skin lend in the channel #skin-commands, when someone plays as a "direct merc" using this option, all the VP's that they earn count for the Skin Clan.

Usually the direct mercs get paid in ROY based on how many wins they get or how much VP they earn, for this option people set a contract up adding per 1KVP or per win suffix to the !skin lend command. The contract ends automatically when the owner takes the skin back, and the payments are set automatically every time they win a game. but the mercs don't get the VPs for their personal use. instead, the VPs go to the skin owner's personal VP balance. the owner also pays a tax for every 1kvp the merc has earned with their skin, the amount of this tax depends on the lent skin's SP and goes to SW owner pool reward

Example of skin leding with the automic contract:
!skin lend @ROYalty cute#353 0.5 per win  
!skin lend @ROYalty cute#353 0.5 per 1KVP

Leaderboard explained

The leaderboard page is where Skin Wars results can be tracked. A new leaderboard is started for each war.
Skin Clan are ranked by total Victory Points (VP) obtained. The higher a Skin Clan is on the leaderboard, the more ROY is rewarded to the clan.

Details of the leaderboard:

  • Rank : Current Ranking of the Skin Clan
  • Clan : Name of the Skin Clan, also the name of the Skin
  • Rarity : Rarity of the Skin of this Skin Clan
  • Best Soldier : Player with the most Victory Points (VP) for the Skin Clan. Top five (5) player of each Skin clan can be found below the leaderboard.
  • Multiplier : Value of the Live Multiplier of that Skin Clan, used to calculate Victory Points (VP).
  • VPs : Total number of Victory Points (VP) obtained by the Skin Clan
  • Total Bets : Total bets in ROY that the Skin Clan receive for the current war.
  • Prize Per X ROY Bet : Is the ROY given for each of the bettors
  • Prize Per Skin Owned : ROY given by the Skin Clan for every Skin owned (View rewards)
Leaderboard example

Clan Betting

In the leaderboard you are able to choose one Skin Clan that you want to bet on by clicking the button "Bet..." in the "Total Bets" column. You can only bet in the Skin Wars results of the NEXT day, meaning you are never going to be able to place a bet in the results that you are currently watching in the leaderboard, the bets are always set for the next war.

How Betting works:

  • You can only choose 1 Skin Clan per day
  • You always bet on the NEXT day, not the current leaderboard.
  • The only option is to bet 100 ROY.
  • The house adds 2000 ROY to the betting pot.
  • Only the top 3 clans (that have at least a single bet place) are the winners.
  • If you bet on a Skin that doesn't finish in the top 3, you will lose 100 ROY.

Once the wars finish, all the bettors that placed a bet in the top 3 winner get a part of the betting pot depending on:

  • The Skin Clan Rating (1st, 2nd or 3th).
  • Totals bets for that Skin Clan.
  • How many bets were made in total that day.

You can see how much each bettor is going to recibe by watching in leaderboard the "Prize Per X ROY Bet" info.

Example betting 100 ROY on the Skin Clan Spy
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